March 29

My first week here at Hype

Minduli Welagedara

If you are an introvert you’ll get what I’m about to say! 

Being an introvert is really wild. Either you are really shy and quiet or loud when you are comfortable with the people around you. 

So it’s safe to say Hype is yet to see the talkative side of me. There’s a long way to go but let’s hope everyone will hear my voice when I do start speaking (and that I will be courageous enough to scream out “BYE” to everyone when I’m clocking out). 

On a more serious note, coming from a highly corporate culture, there’s immediately a different energy here at Hype. Especially with how welcome everyone’s made me feel here. I really appreciate the effort they put in to welcome a newbie. 

On my first day, I was introduced to the whole team and had a pretty good time telling and retelling my name to most of them. Also, me being me, I had to add in a disclaimer that it would take a few days (let’s hope) to get a hold of all their names.

I am also yet to set the record straight and tell them that I am not related to one of Hype’s content writers who shares a unique surname with me, so I might as well take the opportunity to do that on this public platform. Thankfully, we’ve gotten used to getting that question over the years, to the point where we’ve wondered if we do actually share a branch of a family tree at some point or another. 

But we can set that aside for now. On to the actual work aspect of things. 

I had a great time writing captions and learning about new tools, as well as adapting to new social media channels throughout my first week. 

I also thought GMB was all about work back when I was at my previous workplace but, here, I learned a new way of enjoying GMB. I will, however, be keeping that a secret until I decide on the GMB profile that I want to review. 

In between all that learning I also successfully misinterpreted my lead’s instructions and rephrased two whole blogs. (Ten points from Griffindor—read this in Professor Snape’s voice) 

In terms of other new changes, I have started wishing that I could apparate to the 6th floor, but what if muggles see? So I am opting to use either the elevator or the stairs. 

While my inconvenient tendency of falling on stairs hasn’t presented itself yet, pretty soon this Bart Gif is going to be an accurate representation of how I use stairs. 

If you see me rolling downstairs, you can ignore that, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’m writing this on a Friday, which means I am yet to get hyped up about Hype After Dark.

But it feels like my boring Friday nights are about to change—we’ll see! 

Looking forward to many more good memories here at Hype! 


First Days At Work, Work Culture, Work Experience

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