May 12

A week in the life of a newbie at Hype

Harshini Fernando

Having been in print media with work hours from 3 to 11 pm prior to joining Hype, it is safe to say that my first week here has been quite the adjustment with the switch to a 9 am to 6 pm working schedule. 

My work week started on a Tuesday, and with any new job, I knew I was bound to feel like a fish out of water, especially considering I am the first content editor to be recruited for the company.   

This was my thought process on Tuesday morning on the elevator ride up, and when the doors opened, I was told that we had to wait for the key to be delivered and were, until such time, not to be dramatic, locked out. 

It usually takes me a while to get used to people, so in true newbie fashion, I was standing in a corner like an awkward potato, aimlessly scrolling on my phone. But I was so thankful for all the people who introduced themselves to me, which was pretty much the majority of Hype, so actually, this incident of being locked out gave me the chance to make acquaintances. 

Once we got in, it was time for the onboarding process, which was carried out seamlessly. I felt at home right off the bat and was blown away by how organised everything was. I like to consider myself an organised person (although my mum would disagree), and Hype is easily the most organised workplace I’ve been a part of. 

On top of the onboarding, I was introduced to everyone I didn’t meet outside, and while all the names were a little overwhelming, the people were so friendly and positive. The flat structure at Hype is super inviting and is what I believe makes the integration of a new recruit so seamless.  

On the work front, I was introduced to a client on Tuesday, and while the switch from print media to digital marketing has been eye-opening, I quickly came to realise that the opportunities to learn and branch out here at Hype are vast.

On Wednesday, I got an insight into how celebrations happen at Hype. I am super big on birthdays, and finding out that Hype as a company is the same was such a plus! Everyone gathers to sing happy birthday and cut a cake, and as awkward as this can be for the person on the receiving end of it all, I thought it was a really nice personal touch.

Next on the agenda was some super yummy biryani for lunch, in celebration of Eid, during which I was told that Hype celebrates pretty much any festivity, even St. Patrick’s Day! 

In terms of work, I fleshed out a blog structure for the client I was introduced to earlier, which I was to write the next day.

This brings us to Thursday when I got to work on the blog post. Hype immersed me into the entire content process, where I was taught aspects of each phase of the chain of command so that I will have a clear understanding of the role of each person on the content team. 

This was particularly interesting because it had been a while since I last wrote an actual blog, and it truly got my creative juices flowing.

I also listened to an audiobook on Thursday, which was new to me because I’m a hard copy girl, but I was pleased by how much I enjoyed it. I might just look into more audiobooks in the future.

The audiobook was on StoryBrand Marketing and took the better part of my day as I took notes, but I learnt so much from this one audiobook, and if that is any indication as to how much I will be learning, here at Hype, I am looking forward to it! 

Come Friday, I was assigned a task based on the audiobook and was given the creative freedom to have fun with it. I took my time enjoying the task at hand and was really content with the end product.

Earlier in the week, I was introduced to Hype After Dark, which takes place every Friday, where everyone has the choice of staying after work for some booze, snacks, and fun games.

I was looking forward to this, but come Friday; I was able to stay only for a few snacks and not for the entirety of the night due to the strike action that took place that evening. I hope I can stay back longer next Friday!

Fast forward to Monday post-weekend, and I am currently writing this blog, as does every newbie at Hype after their first week. 

Here’s an actual pic of me at work during my first week: 

All in all, I learned something new every single day, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. The company culture, people, and experiences so far at Hype make me excited for what’s to come.


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